How cannabis users can stay safe while practicing social and physical distancing

As communities and cities remain on lockdown and consumers self-isolate, cannabis users need to take extra precautions in the way they consume cannabis products. We at Navaya have gathered a few tips  to stay safe while having an enjoyable stay-at-home experience.

  1. Buy from a trusted source

Buying from a trusted source ensures that your cannabis has undergone the necessary preventative measures throughout each step of the cultivation process. Currently, the most reliable source to order from are government sites such as the Société Québécoise du Cannabis(SQDC). Along with providing information for cannabis users, the SQDC and other provincial retailers provide added information on
COVID-19 and other considerations for users.

  1. Clean cannabis packages before opening

Since the outbreak of this pandemic, cannabis providers have demonstrated great solidarity in their safety measures. The same is true with organizations and members of our postal and shipping industries. That said, be sure to wipe down any delivered packages with an alcohol-based cleanser  before bringing a package into your house.

  1. Do not share

Although it is common practice to share smoking products with adult friends and family, during self-isolation it is very important that you do not. According to Dr. Alon Vaisman, an infection control and infectious diseases physician at Toronto’s University Health Network, the coronavirus spreads through droplet transmission (updates on the transmission of the virus are evolving; check trusted sources WHO and Health Canada to confirm latest findings). Smoking often provides a prime surface for saliva exchange, which will dramatically increase the chances of spreading the virus through these droplets.

  1. Consider skipping the smoke

An alternative is skipping the smoking all together and using alternative cannabis consumption methods such as tinctures or edibles. Edibles and tinctures provide an excellent alternative. As a bonus, edibles can be considered a quarantine snack (follows consumption regulations).

  1. Wash your hands

Before handling any cannabis material for consumption, it is especially important to wash your hands with soap or, if not available, alcohol-based hand sanitizer. As cannabis consumption goes directly into your body, you want to ensure your hands are clean and bacteria-free before consuming. The government of Canada recommends at least 20 seconds of handwashing to ensure clean hands before handling cannabis.

All of us at Navaya wish you health. We hope these tips will help keep increase your safety. We urge you to continue to listen to our health and Government authorities. Together we will overcome this pandemic.

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