About Navaya

Navaya is positioned to be the leader in high yield, consistent quality cannabis (in all forms) at industry low cost. Navaya will grow, package, market and make available brands initially in Quebec.

Our mission is to become the world’s leading and trusted cannabis organization. We aim to deliver predictable business and brand performance to stakeholders and shareholders.

Our practices are built upon solid business values...

Customer Focus

Place customer experience and value at the forefront of the business.

Responsible and Safe

Provide products with the highest regard to customer/consumer and employee safety.

Results Oriented

Promote teamwork and embrace a goal-orientated culture that drives profitability, business growth and ownership value through incentives and rewarding success.

Caring and Thoughtful

Value the contributions and capabilities of employees, stakeholders and constituencies.

Consistent With Excellence of Execution

Create a positive customer experience and replicate successful processes and procedures.

Innovative and Embrace Technology

Develop and implement unique cutting-edge concepts company wide.


Apply the highest level of business ethics and integrity.

...and steady guiding principles.

Fulfill customer expectations (consistent quality/price)

Hire, develop and retain the best talent

Value employees and agency partners and foster teamwork and efficiency through an annual operating plan process

Forecast and deliver predictable business and brand performance

Instill discipline, process and procedures consistent with a professionally managed business

Use data and fact to inform decisions

Operate in a manner to foster long-term affinity, respect and trust amongst the key constituencies and stakeholders