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Mark Stermer, CEO

Mark Stermer, CEO

Quality, Convenience, Value and Safety – pillars in Canada’s quest for a sustainable cannabis industry


Summary of piece

Statistics Canada released its quarterly report on cannabis usage for the period of April to June 2019. Glass half full or half empty? A large swath of Canadian cannabis users are still turning to the black market.


About four in 10 marijuana users say they bought cannabis illegally.” – The Canadian Press


One year ago, close to 100 per cent of recreational cannabis purchases were done in the illegal market. Based on the Statistics Canada report illegally purchased cannabis is now 42 per cent. A positive trend but clearly there is more to do.

The Canadian Government and regulators have done the bulk of the heavy lifting. It is now contingent on the legal cannabis producers/distributors to support the Government in finalizing the cannabis industry’s regulatory framework. This framework needs to address topics such as the sale of edible cannabis products, restricting access to minors and regulations in general. By allowing the cannabis industry to focus on quality, convenience, value, safety and applying the highest level of business ethics and integrity, we can woo the remaining 42 per cent of consumers to the legal side of the marketplace.            

At NAVAYA, we will etch these challenges in our minds… and on our walls.

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