Navaya Inc. partners with MIMs Artificial Intelligence, in its quest to enrich lives through trusted and reliable Cannabis products

BOISBRIAND, Que., December 19, 2019 – Navaya Inc. announces a partnership agreement with MIMs, a Canadian leader in artificial intelligence empowering precision agriculture and medicine through big data. The organizations are collaborating to optimize Navaya’s planned production of low-cost, high-yield cannabis and the development of strains for several medical applications, including but not limited to arthritis, rheumatisms, stress relief and intestinal diseases.

“Predictability, quality and breadth of product are key elements of our DNA,” says Mark Stermer, CEO, Navaya. “This partnership aligns perfectly with these qualities and will help us to deliver Cannabis applications that counter the effects of important health conditions and diseases. We are very excited about where this partnership will lead us in the very near future.”

The partnership, which started in March 2019, has already yielded a better understanding of the diversity and complexity of Cannabis strains’ genomes, opening the way to enhanced strain genetics.

Supported by MIMs Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning know-how, Navaya expects to achieve the highest level of precision in plant genetics, optimization of production using its exclusive technology and limiting its environmental footprint through reduced usage of electricity, fertilizers, water and eliminating pesticides.

“We’re particularly excited to work with Navaya’s exclusive cultivation technology platform,” said Sarah Jenna, co-founder and CEO of MIMs. “We are confident our expertise in Artificial Intelligence will help Navaya deliver on its mission of becoming a leading global Cannabis company that provides consistent high-quality products aligned to the needs of the medical community and users.”

Navaya is actively pursuing further understanding of cannabis benefits. In its partnership with MIMs, Navaya is studying the effects of Cannabis plant molecules on the human body. With the help of Deep Learning and Artificial Intelligence, both companies are looking to identify plant genetics that have positive effects against specific health conditions and diseases. 

In early November, Navaya announced its application to Health Canada for a Standard Cultivation, Standard Processor and Sale for Medical Purposes licences to produce Cannabis products.

About Navaya Inc.

The company’s mission is to become a leading and trusted Cannabis organization, delivering predictable business and brand performance to its customers.

About MIMS

My Intelligent Machines (MIMs) is a fast-growing artificial intelligence company that was founded in 2016 by chief executive officer Sarah Jenna, chief operations officer and chief technology officer Mickaël Camus, and chief strategy officer Abdoulaye Baniré Diallo in order to help life sciences industries develop more effective, personalized and eco-responsible medicine and agriculture. MIMs is helping Biopharma and AgTech companies leverage the huge amount of omics (genomics, proteomics, metabolomics…), clinical/phenotypical and environmental data using deep learning and artificial intelligence. MIMs is commercially active in precision agriculture and medicine, generating predictive models for vertical farming, livestock, drug discovery and clinical trials.

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