Navaya completes installation of its fully automated, state-of-the-art cannabis cultivation equipment for consistently high-quality cannabis

BOISBRIAND, Que., March 22, 2021 – Navaya, a nascent company committed to cultivating a healthy role in the Canadian cannabis industry, completes today the installation of equipment that will help it to deliver on its mission of producing premium, low-cost, high-yield cannabis. The unique equipment features hyper-controlled vertical hydroponic technology that is a first in the cannabis industry.

“This is a momentous day for us at Navaya” says Mark Stermer, CEO of Navaya Inc. “We’ve planned this day for close to two years and it’s definitely been worth the wait. The machine is getting filled with plants to grow the quality cannabis it is meant to produce. We can’t wait to join the marketplace and meet the demand for consistently high-quality cannabis products.”  

Mark Stermer, CEO, and the Navaya team cut the ribbon introducing the company’s unique growing machine

Mark Stermer, CEO, and the Navaya team cut the ribbon introducing the company’s unique vertical hydroponic growing machine, Boisbriand, Quebec, March 22. Photo Credit: Navaya Inc.

Proven to work in the agricultural industry, the state-of-the-art, fully controllable, vertical automated equipment will allow Navaya to produce the highest quality, consistent product on a massive scale, with industry low costs and a reduced ecological impact.

“With this equipment and our ability to completely control the environment like no other producer,” says Stermer. “We’ll not only meet all cannabis regulations and requirements, but we will most importantly meet the high expectations of our future customers.”  

Navaya encourages anyone with an entrepreneurial spirit and passion for technology, cannabis, and service to apply for a position. There is a lot of love – and future cannabis products – to go around for those who are adult, mature and invest the time and resources to merit it.

To watch Navaya’s recent press conference please click here.


About Navaya Inc.
Navaya’s mission is to become a global leader in the cannabis sector, resulting in predictable business and brand performance. With its unique and most comprehensive hyper-controlled vertical industrial hydroponic solution on the market, Navaya is taking indoor production to the highest standards. With a commitment to long-term investments in research and development, including the use of big data and artificial intelligence, the company is committed to breeding strains that maximize production and quality and help to discover new uses of cannabis that enrich lives. For more information, visit

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