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Mark Stermer, CEO

Mark Stermer, CEO

Legalization: One-year later


Summary of piece

One year after the legalization of cannabis, we’re not where we had originally expected to be – but we’re still far better off than before.  


“Cannabis legalization doesn’t show signs of harming our society, but it isn’t running as well as hoped.”

“Whatever the shortcomings of the current system, it is clear we’re better off without prohibition.”


The goals of legalizing cannabis in Canada are two-fold: reducing criminal involvement in the sale of cannabis and reducing its availability to youth.

In addressing the first objective, reducing criminal involvement in the sale of cannabis, we still have some work to do. Like the tobacco industry, legal cannabis producers are subject to applying Government taxes to its products which makes the black market more competitive from a pricing point-of-view. We as an industry in collaboration with the Government need to do a better job in communicating to cannabis users the consistent quality and safety of legal cannabis producers and products.  

In addressing the second objective, reducing the availability to youth, certainly the strict regulations imposed by the Government and the controlled distribution addresses this objective. Once again, where a focus needs to be applied is to those who are illegally distributing cannabis. In this instance the risk is two-fold, (1) youth having access to illegal cannabis; and, (2) in addition to the related health risks, the added risk that the cannabis contains harmful ingredients.

We at Navaya understand and agree with the objectives behind the legalization of cannabis. We as an organization have a set of values that recognizes the regulated environment in which we work and the imperative to apply the highest level of business ethics and integrity in everything we do. We are committed to work with the industry, with regulators and with the Government to ensure that the objectives are met.  

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